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Stroller Emma 

Emma  is a stroller made of high quality materials. The durable frame of the trolley guarantees stability and resistance to damage, even with intensive use. The seat, roof and backrest of the trolley are made of durable FrictResist 300 DEN fabric resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. Lionelo Emma Plus is equipped with large and maneuverable foam wheels with the possibility of blocking, which allow easy driving of the trolley. The EVA foam wheels are very durable and absorb shocks very well – thanks to this, walks will be even more enjoyable!

  • It folds quickly
  • A large shopping basket
  • Soft mattress
  • Bag included
  • Shock Resist depreciation

5-point belts

They provide more safety while driving. Additional cushions increase the comfort of travel and prevent abrasion of the sensitive skin of the child.

Easy Stop

Brake located on the rear axle, operated with one leg. Comfortable and fast to use.

Soft mattress

Made of high quality foam with increased flexibility and durability, giving the child more comfort.

Front tray

In addition to the basic functions, it supports the child in the right position and prevents it from falling out of the pram.

Assembly lock

The trolley is equipped with a special double protection system against spontaneous folding of the stroller.


The shock absorbers fitted in the front wheels ensure maximum comfort and ride stability, significantly reducing shocks when driving on uneven surfaces.

A practical bag

Included with the trolley. Indispensable when traveling with a toddler. With adjustable shoulder strap.

Shopping basket

A practical basket with above average size. It works in every situation.

3 backrest positions

It allows you to change the backrest angle with one hand, from the sitting position to the lying position. It guarantees extraordinary comfort and proper position of the child.

Light and compact

When folded, it takes up little space, easy to transport and store. It fits easily in the trunk of the car.