Buckwheat-Foam-Coconut Mattress

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Buckwheat-Foam -Coconut is a double-sided mattress. The buckwheat side is the only natural underlay for sleeping. Tannin included in the husk prevents the development of mites and bacteria in the mattress and the skin surface. Thanks to the arrangement of the husk, the air flow is easier, therefore it has the ventilation capabilities and controls the body humidity. Owing to its structure, the coconut side complements the health benefits of the mattress. The coconut mat, thanks to its structure, allows for the air to circulate freely.The cover, made from durable and soft material, may be removed and washed easily when necessary.

-natural fibre filled mattress made of coconut husk and buckwheat hulls
-centre part is foam layered with coconut on one side and buckwheat on the other side
-comfortable and hard-wearing
-suitable for newborns and toddlers
-completely breathable from top to bottom, ideal for ”feet to feet” sleeping position
-long-lasting and natural product which is safe and environmentally-friendly
-reduces sweat problems
-prevents bedsores
-helps in alleviating back problems
-helps in treating flat feet
-used for therapeutic rehabilitation, post-traumatic conditions of the locomotor system, paresis and neuralgia, sleep disorder, peripheral vascular disease

-medical device product class 1


Cover: 100% polyester
Filling: buckwheat husks, polyurethane foam, coconut mat, fluffy non-woven fabric


Wash the cover only.
Wash at the temperature of max. 40⁰ C

Mattress safety certifications :

  • each component of the mattress meets the rules of CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES OEKO-TEX Standard 100

BS EN 597-1: 1995 and BS EN 597-2: 1995 as required by
BS 7177: 2008 Low Hazard
Ignition Source: BS EN 597-1: 1995: Calibrated Senior Service cigarette.
BS EN 597-2: 1995: Butane Gas flowing at 45±2ml/min @ 25°C for 15±1 seconds