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Lovely , Brand New Breast Feeding Pillow Nursing and infant support pillow is a great help for mother and baby.

1. Cover For Nursing Pillow or

2. Feeding/Nursing Pillow With Removable Zipped Cover Benefits of using feeding pillow


Perfect back support whilst pregnant & post pregnant Great help for mother and baby during nursing Helps while recovering from a c-section Works as support for your baby up. When your baby is ready, you can use your pillow as a support and teach your baby the joy of sitting up Makes muscle stronger. When using a nursing pillow for baby’s tummy time, the position encourages them to use their arms and legs, strengthening important muscle groups. Make sure your pillow is always fresh and clean by having a few slipcovers on hand. Size: Approximately 60cm x 40cm (+/- 3cm) Thickness 11cm Slip Cover 100% Cotton Pillow Filling 100% Polyester Care instructions Slip cover : Unzip the slipcover (if removable) and remove completely from the pillow. Zip cover closed to protect zipper prior to washing. Wash in warm water on the gentle cycle. Do not use hot water or bleach. Do not put cover in the dryer. Air-dry the cover to prevent shrinkage. Pillow : Wash in warm water on gentle cycle. Do not use hot water or bleach. Leave nursing pillow in a well-ventilated area to dry.