Bike 6 in 1 Tim Plus

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Lionelo Tim Plus combines many practical solutions to ensure safe and comfortable cycling. Convenient backrest allows your baby to seat in the most comfortable way while belts and special bar safeguards it from falling out of the seat. Foldable canopy protects your child from rain and sun. Specially shaped frame makes it easier for youngest children to get on the bike.

  • Movable soft rail protects the child from falling off, at the same time allowing you to easily sit and remove them from the bike.
  • Freewheel allows the child to pedal at their own pace while a parent has full control over the actual riding speed.
  • Thanks to the parent handle connected with the bike handlebar you can fully control riding direction. Foam coating makes steering the stroller steady and comfortable.
Weight range: up to 25 kg
Wheels: rubber
Dimensions: 103 x 100 x 58 cm
Warranty: 60 months