Bedding Set 14 Pcs modular bumper

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14 Pcs Baby Bedding Set For Cot / Cotbed with Pillow Bumper

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Create the perfect look of your little one nursery room with our de luxe bedding set. Made of Soft 100% cotton fabric to ensure ultimate comfort. This set is brand new and made to order. That’s why it might take up to 2 weeks for delivery. It could be a perfect present !!!


1-6. PILLOW BUMPER (one 40×40) Beautifull bumper made of 6 pillows. Each pillow has an 8 ribbons ( 2 on each corner ) so you will easily attach it to your cot/cotbed. Pillow size is approx 40x40cm When the baby is older it can be used as a playmat or like a room decoration.

7-12. DOUBLE SIDED PILLOW CASE Bumper40×40 cm Reversible double sided pillow case with safe zip

13. DOUBLE SIDED DUVET COVER 120x90cm FIT COT  or 135x100cm FIT COTBED .Reversible double sided duvet cover made of 100% cotton fabric with Oeko Tex certificate.

14. DOUBLE SIDED PILLOW CASE 40×60 cm  Reversible double sided pillow case with safe zip.