Balance Bike Alex

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Alex balance bike ensures great fun both at home and outside. It also prepares the child to ride a standard bike in the future. Due to wide regulation options and pro-safety solutions Alex is a versatile vehicle that adjusts to the little biker.

The handlebar is equipped with anti-slip covers on handles so that riding  and maneuvering is easy and comfortable. Turn lock and soft rubber protector prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury.

Saddle and handlebar adjustment make Alex useful for a long period of time and guarantee that the child will not ‘outgrow’ the bike too soon. Tubeless wheels made of high-quality EVA foam provide adhesion and maneuverability on every surface.

  • Profiled footrest with anti-slip pattern
  • Handlebar and saddle adjustment
  • Anti-slip covers and soft handlebar protector
  • Light maintenance-free wheels with a tread
Weight range: up to 30 kg
Wheels: 12′ EVA foam
Dimensions: 39 x 88 x 64 cm
Warranty: 60 months