Baby Carrier Ergonomic Backpack Margareet

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Margareet is a comfortable and safe carrier that allows you to be close to the baby at any time. It is perfect  at any time – it will work perfectly not only during family outings, but also daily household activities.  Easy setting and wide regulation options make Margareet adjustable both for a child and a parent.

Special hood hidden in the padding protects the little explorer from sun rays, wind and rain as well as maintains stable head position, which is very important especially during sleep. Belts are equipped with cotton covers that might be easily removed and washed.

Thanks to high-quality cotton the carrier provides proper air circulation and is skin-friendly. Wide hip belt is equipped with double lock, guaranteeing safety.


  • 3 carrying positions suited to child’s age
  • Acknowledged as ‘hip healthy’ by International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
  • Hidden canopy that protects from wind and maintains correct head position
  • Cotton belt covers
  • Carrier made mostly of cotton
  • Double lock on the hip belt buckle
  • Wide adjustment options
  • Very easy setting


For the sake of the spine

The baby carrier takes care of the baby’s developing spine by ensuring the correct position of the baby’s head, back, hips and legs (the so-called “frog position”) – the wide back covering panel keeps the spine in a natural anatomical position, and the headrest provides perfect support for the baby’s head.

Healthy for hips

The Margareet baby carrier has been tested by the international institute of hip joint dysplasia (ihdi) – after a series of tests it has been recognized as “healthy for the hips”. A properly profiled construction ensures that the child has the correct physiological position of the “frog”. In this position, the elbows and hips are bent, forming the shape of the letter m – the baby’s legs are widely spread sideways, and the elbows are located above the pelvic lines.

Retractable cap

A special hood hidden in the upholstery protects the little explorer from the sun, wind and rain, and additionally keeps the head in a stable position, which is especially important during sleep.


Depending on the baby’s age, the carrier can be used in three positions:

in front facing the parent (from the 4th month)

front back to parent (from month 6)

back to the parent (from the sixth month)


The baby carrier, by properly distributing the load, significantly relieves the parent’s back, which guarantees comfort even after prolonged use.

Easy to put on

A very simple donning system means that the carrier can be prepared quickly and efficiently also by less experienced parents.


Double protection

The wide waist belt has a double buckle protection, guaranteeing stability in all situations.

Skin-friendly materials

Thanks to the use of high-quality cotton, the baby carrier ensures adequate air circulation and prevents irritation of the baby’s delicate skin.

Belts covers

Cotton covers are placed on the belts, which can be easily removed and washed.



Suitable from 4 months

Weight carrier – 0,54 kg

Wearing position : baby front to parent, baby front to parent, baby back to parent.


Material interior – waist belt and shoulder straps, front panel – 100% cotton. Adjustment straps – 100% polyester.