Anti Allergy Duvet and Pillow

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At Best 4 Baby we know how important good sleep is, especially for the child’s development. When a child sleeps, he/she does not only regenerate, but also strengthens „the knowledge” gained during the day. That is why, we have decided to include a bed linen set in our offer which provides the youngest with the optimal comfort of the sleep. The sheathing of the set is made of a micro phase, also called microfiber, which has many advantages. It is known for its high resistance to being washed out. microfiber provides adequate air circulation, protecting from overheating, and at the same time maintaining pleasant warmth. The whole set is anti-allergic.

Most important characteristics:

  • perfect for a whole year
  • nice in touch and extremely soft
  • anti-allergic
  • filled with silicone fibers certified by OEKO-TEX 100
  • breathable
  • it is aesthetically quilted which prevents the filling from moving
  • edges are consolidated with a trimming
  • size of the pillow: 40x60cm
  • size of the bed linen: 90×120 /135x100cm
  • sheathing: microfiber (100% polyester)
  • filling: silicone fibers (100% polyester) with a certificate of OEKO-TEX 100
  • basis weight of the filling: duvet – 300g/pillow – 400g
  • made in Poland